The proven Magname Design can be located onto any card or badge via a standard paper punch hole

The new Magclip features a smaller split stud located via a 5mm hole

Dean and Associates was established in 1995. We design develop and manufacture Tailormade Solutions based on Brand and Operator ideas and feedback as shown on the sister website

The idea for the Magname resulted from sheer frustration when using the traditional clip/pin/sticker Name Badges when visiting major Clients or attending Conferences Events or Exhibitions. Surely there was a better simpler method to position and hold the Badges and avoid damaging clothes. Development has taken over two years but we've finally achieved our objective

The New Magclip model was completed in 2007 to meet the specification of some major clients. In 2008 we have launched lenticular (moving image) and plastic badges.

In 2008 Magnetic Badging Solutions Ltd was formed to focus on the rapidly expanding badge business

We would like to hear your feedback as we are aiming to extend our Range by Designing interesting innovative models


Turning YOUR ideas into Reality

Specials are our speciality. If you have any ideas that you would like developed please contact us for a free consultation. All we need is a basic brief and/or a sketch with an indication of quantity and a target price to progress your project

Existing clients include:
Ben & Jerry's - Cragrats - Disney - Fosters - Giambone & Law - Haagen Dazs - MCI - Richmond Events - Royal College of Psychiatrists - Scottish & Newcastle - Sundial - Unipart - Wales Millenium Centre - JD Wetherspoon - Whitbread