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Magnetic Badging Solutions Ltd
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Magname Magnetic Badge Holder

The proven Magname Design can be located onto any card or badge via a standard punch hole

Magclip Magnetic Badge Holder

The new Magclip features a smaller split stud located via a 5mm hole - Ideal for plastic cards

Mary Smith wearing the Magname
Easy to fit and
Protect Clothes!
No Clips No Pins just magnets
Magclip Display
Our design uses two powerful yet lightweight magnets joined by a flexible pastic strip. The magnets are positioned either side of a lapel as in the photo or on a pocket or sweater or belt and will hold the badge horizontally. They can be located directly onto the badges or via reusable clear vinyl pouches.
Please see our video!
A choice of seven colours!
Not suitable for wearers fitted with a heart pacemaker or located closer than 10mm to loco magnetic strips